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Complex Litigation

JudgeLee, Jo-Lynne Q.
AddressAdministration Building
1221 Oak Street
Oakland, CA 94612
Phone Number (510) 267-6934
Fax Number (510) 267-1506

Court Reporter - New Information

NOTICE OF NONAVAILABILITY OF COURT REPORTERS: Effective June 4, 2012, the court will not provide a court reporter for civil law and motion hearings, any other hearing or trial in civil departments, or any afternoon hearing in Department 201 (probate). Parties may arrange and pay for the attendance of a certified shorthand reporter. Amended Local Rule 3.95 states: "Except as otherwise required by law, in general civil case and probate departments, the services of an official court reporter are not normally available. For civil trials, each party must serve and file a statement before the trial date indicating whether the party requests the presence of an official court reporter."


Department Information

Interim Procedures Standard Orders for Asbestos Cases are availalbe on Dept. 18's webpage.
General Procedures Counsel are expected to be familiar and comply with the Statement of Professionalism and Civilty, Alameda County Bar Association (link at bottom of page). Email is the preferred method of communicating with court staff in Dept. 18, particularly for scheduling hearings. Telephone communications are possible, but use of email will greatly facilitate a prompt response to your inquiries. When a copy of a document must be transmitted to court staff, it should be hand-delivered to Dept. 18. PDFs should not be emailed to the Court without prior permission; as such attachments can disable the Court's email in-box. Further, the use of an email attachment is not a substitute for filing of pleadings or other documents. All email communications should be copied to all parties for whom an email address is available, so inclusion of available email addresses in the caption of all filed papers, as required by CRC 2.111(1) is critical.
Schedule Information Anyone seeking to schedule a hearing must first "meet and confer" with counsel regarding proposed dates then contact Dept. 18 via email with copies to all counsel.
Trial Schedule Monday through Thursday from 8:30 AM through 1:30 PM. Cases may trail a trial in progress. A Readiness Hearing is held Fridays at 9:00 AM ten days before the trial date.
CMC Schedule Friday at 9:00 AM. Timely filed and completed CMC Statements are required at least 15 days before the conference and may eliminate the need for a hearing. Please check on the RofA via DOMAINweb for the Tentative CMO.
L&M Schedule Friday at 10:00 AM. Email D-18 for reservations with case name, number, title, who you represent and dates for reservation. 1 courtesy copy of motion papers are to be submitted directly to D-18. Place reservation #, date, time and dept on motion.
Settlement Conference Schedule As scheduled by the Judge. Court resources are limited, and counsel should consider other ADR alternatives. Conferences will be specially set when deemed appropriate.
ExParte Schedule Friday at 9:00 AM. The applicant must contact the clerk for a hearing date, provide CRC 3.1203(a) notice to all parties, must appear in person or by phone if allowed.
Special Motion and/or Other Department Information Always check the court's website the day before the hearing for developments in your case. See link to "DOMAIN" and the Register of Actions in your case to determine if a tentative order has been issued. You may not obtain a hearing date or reservation number to file a discovery motion without an informal discovery conference (IDC) with the court. See Local Rule of Court 3.31 for further instruction.
L&M Reservations, Email
L&M Reservations, Phone 510-267-6934
L&M Reservations, Other Information The Court requests that inquiries be made by e-mail to avoid disrupting courtroom proceedings.
ExParte, Email
Ex Parte, Phone 510-267-6934
Ex Parte, Other Information For more information or any other questions please email dept. 18.